Monday, October 22, 2007


This my beach cruiser bike that I like to call "The Goose". It got it's name from the car ornament that sits on the front fender, it came from an unknown car make. The Goose started life in the spring as a regular beach cruiser and I added some ape hangers later on and then tried to make some wrap around fenders with regular plastic ones. That didn't fly too long and the plastic cracked. I then got my hands on 2 sets of steel fenders that I got my tin snips on and connected with some rivets. The biked looked pretty awkward with 3 types of paint and rust. So I got tired of it and went to work.

Nothing fancy, just bought 2 cans of Krylon rust tough primer red and one can of Nissan Yellow for the wheels. Got a set of Kenda flame tires and put everything together in a week end. Cost of the entire job: $70. Looks pretty good and didn't cost an arm and a leg.



Mark said...

Very cool, nice style. The colors work well and the no rust paint will help protect the metal. Looks like it rides nice too.

Gerald said...

It does ride very nice.

Gerry :)

Salar said...

You did this on your own? HOW!